Sunday, January 21, 2018

V4.0.0 Beta

V4.0.0 Beta has been released. This version makes lots of changes to asset placement, and uses a new type of file distributor. While this new system has some limitations that were not present before, there should be less (hopefully no) false positives in antivirus software. This also reduced the size of the installer to less than a MB.

This update renames and re-locates many of the script's assets. I recommend clearing out your install directory (excluding the ".minecraft" folder and the Minecraft jar or exe file).

The Beta versions of this application have been found to be mostly stable. Please report bugs in the comment section of this blog post. Thank you.

Download now

SHA256:   23eeaf7a6e2cbf9eb86302a6232c810d90bb47c444e1c8d6cf5ea769f194c315

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