Sunday, January 21, 2018

V4.0.0 Beta

V4.0.0 Beta has been released. This version makes lots of changes to asset placement, and uses a new type of file distributor. While this new system has some limitations that were not present before, there should be less (hopefully no) false positives in antivirus software. This also reduced the size of the installer to less than a MB.

This update renames and re-locates many of the script's assets. I recommend clearing out your install directory (excluding the ".minecraft" folder and the Minecraft jar or exe file).

The Beta versions of this application have been found to be mostly stable. Please report bugs in the comment section of this blog post. Thank you.

Download now

SHA256:   23eeaf7a6e2cbf9eb86302a6232c810d90bb47c444e1c8d6cf5ea769f194c315

Monday, January 15, 2018

Known issues: V3.2.0 & V4.0.0 Beta

I wanted to address some known issues with the current build. One of which has a workaround, the other only affects people using the new launcher.

Issue #1: Older Intel HD graphics and Windows 10.

On some older Intel graphics cards, the Minecraft launcher will output an error that mentions updating graphics drivers, even with proper ones installed. This can also show up when using Microsoft provided drivers on some systems. Thankfully I have discovered a workaround for this issue at least on the two devices I tested with this issue.

The fix involves one of two things. If using a locally installed version of Java you will have to downgrade it to an older version. This of course comes with added security risk for your system. If locating by hand look for "Java SE Runtime Environment 8u51". It is available from the Oracle Java Archive here. This version was released before Windows 10, and therefor will think it is running under Windows 8. For some reason this makes the game run just fine, or as good as you can get on Intel HD graphics.

Official download links from Oracle's Java Archive:

Java 8 Update 51; Windows x64
Java 8 Update 51; Windows x86

Option #2: jPortable

Older versions of's jPortable can be found on their SoureForge here. This has a little less security risk as the only program running on the system that will use it is MCPLA and the Minecraft launcher. Unless of course you use it with other Java apps and the Platform.

Official download links from the SourceForge:

jPortable 8 Update 51: Rev2; Windows x64
jPortable 8 Update 51; Windows x86

To install these older versions simply delete the "Java" and "Java64" folders in the CommonFiles folder. Then, install this older version in its place. If using the Platform, it will try to update these to a newer version. I highly recommend using the latest version unless this workaround is required for increased security. If you end up needing these older versions frequently, keeping a copy of the installer around may come in handy.

Issue #2: Launcher fails to start after copying over a local install.

This problem is caused by using the latest version of the launcher seen here, and also using this function in MCPLA. The layout and configuration of files in the new launcher aren't compatible with the older version seen here. If you are still using the older launcher, then this function should work fine. If you are using the new one, you're better off saying No and starting with a fresh install, or copying over a few files as needed. In an upcoming update (sometime in the near future) I will add a warning message to this prompt.

If you have any questions about these two problems, please leave a comment below. Thanks!

Edit: Issue #1 cannot be corrected in a way that doesn't require this workaround, and is out of my control. Issue #2 is an issue caused by the conflict of launchers, and therefor also cannot be corrected by me. V4.0.0 Beta now displays a warning regarding this issue before the game asset copy menu appears.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Quick Update

As anyone who has been using this add-on may have realized, the current (3.2.0 Beta), now shows an error within the launcher. It reads:

"You are running an old version of the launcher. Please consider using the new launcher which will improve the performance of both launcher and game."

For the time being, this error should just be ignored. Minecraft should continue functioning as usual. As soon as I figure out a way to run the new launcher in a portable fashion (if even possible), I will release a new build with support for it.

As always, please report any bugs in the comments.

Edit: For the time being, it does not appear I will be able to use the new launcher along with MCPLA. The new launcher does things differently, such as auto installing a build of Java, including an installer, and use of the Program Files directory. The "old version of the launcher" seems to continue to function properly. If you have problems with installing certain builds on Minecraft, I recommend deleting the contents of the ".minecraft" directory on your portable device. Doing so will allow a fresh copy of everything to be downloaded. Be sure to backup anything you want to save beforehand! :)


Thursday, September 8, 2016

V3.2.0 Beta

V3.2.0 Beta has been released. This version has replaced all MCPLA links with redirect-able short links. This change will make it less likely for older versions of this app redirect incorrectly. Full release notes are available in the app, as well as the sidebar at the right.

Even though it is not necessary, I recommend doing a clean install for this update.

The Beta versions of this application have been found to be mostly stable. Please report bugs in the comment section of this blog post. Thank you.

Download now.

SHA256: 32AC8242570B1936BBC068B93D905CAE23FD44E04ECBB585C7FA1FA0A96B4666

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

V3.1.1 Beta

V3.1.1 Beta has been released. This version is meant to make all files more consistent throughout my code. As well as a few cosmetic changes.

The Beta versions of this application have been found to be mostly stable. Please report bugs in the comment section of this blog post. Thank you.

Download now.

SHA256: E5BA7B25DEA4B52A36D46D5829FA9D773291DB4CC01079E5DADBC22E58EBE4FF

As of Monday May 11th, 2015: Download links in MCPLA V2.0.0 Beta or older no longer work. You may continue using them if you wish however it will require manual navigation to this blog.